Hello i do not believe Kim Jonghyun is real.
Thank u for you cheering me

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140821 taemin & kai performing “pretty boy”

expectation vs. reality:
dancing to sistar “touch my body”

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female idols and the als ice bucket challenge {1//}

SISTAR Bora for NYLON {September ISSUE}

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SISTAR Bora for NYLON {September ISSUE}
❝Why is being sensitive and prepared the opposite of being a man?❞
— Kim Jonghyun (Pretty Boy lyrics)

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140822 - Minho ice bucket challenge x 

bonus gif of the bucket that missed him lol


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Chanyeol’s ice bucket challenge o(≧▽≦)o

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both jonghyuns & als ice bucket challenge

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Very creative use of a magic mirror, Nana…

this some next level selfie game